TuridVisitSkjolden was established in 2014. The main focus of this company is to offer tours to the less accessible spots in the area, the valleys you can not reach by bus. VisitSkjolden also offers culture events and services such as company tours on demand. The VisitSkjolden booth is situated in the centre of Skjolden, just outside of  Fjordstova/Tourist information. See opening hours under booking.

Turid Øiene lives in Skjolden. She has worked within tourism and culture for 30 years and has much knowledge of the inner part of the Sognefjord. She is the manager and guide of VisitSkjolden. The language used during guiding is mostly english, but conversations in german and french is fully possible.

632Jo Bukve is the owner of JB Turvogner, and one of our local bus drivers. He is a calm and experienced cab and busdriver with a great knowledge about the roads in this area. His two minivans, 2013 model Ford Ducato, have 17 leather seats with safety belts, aircondition, satelite telephone and a microphone service. These comfortable buses take us to the fantastic sights in the area, -the ones you can not reach with a bigger vehicle.          http://www.jbturvogn.no













Buss og bre

















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