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A. Nørdstedalen


4,5 hours Wild scenery, cliffs, waterfall, river, powerplant, stoneruins, watermagazin, glacier, panorama view, mountain lodge, traditional food. Optional return by bike.
B. Farm visit Fortun 3 hours Charming farm. 10 types of animals. Many activities, riding, playing, feeding, climbing. Small meal with drinks included. Nice for both grown-ups and children.
C. Sightseeing 2 valleys 1 hour + Amazing nature, power plant, church, waterfall, panorama view. Learn about how we live and what we do. 3 stops.
D. Dalsdalen / Dale church 3 hours Amazing green valley, river, waterfalls, old stonehouses, light meal/drink incl.,panorama view, Dale stonechurch.
E. Jostedalen 3,5 hours Small villages along the fjord, Gaupne old church, Glacier-center, stops at glacier, Feigum waterfall , Dale church.
F. Sognefjellet / Urnes 4,5 hours Jotunheimen National Park, peaks 2000 mas, water magazine, Feigum waterfall, Urnes stavechurch, deer farm.
G. Sognefjellet 3 hours Jotunheimen National Park, peaks, glaciers, water magazine, power plant, waterfall. Several stops.
H. The romantic road / Urnes stavechurch 3 hours Stunning scenery, entrance jam factory, waterfall, center of art, stavechurch, deer farm. Photo stops + stop at church.
I. Culture hour 1 hour Film Mørkridsdalen, live folk music and dancers, national costumes, see and learn close up, The big 5-diploma.
J. The big 5 – roundtrip 6,5 hours The Sognefjord-Jostedal glacier-Urnes stavechurch-Feigum waterfall-Sognefjellet/Jotunheimen National Park.
Diploma Diploma with photos of The Big 5, stamped with date and your name. Facts about the big 5. A memory to keep!
Business & pleasure Business trips to the Luster area:

Ask for packages containing the things your company need, such as accommodation, guide, transport, meals, activities, entertainment and work related contents .




PRICES IN NOK, PER PERSON:                                   MINIMUM / MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS: 10 / 15

A.      Nørdstedalen Nok 765 Possible to buy lunch
B.      Farm visit Fortun Nok 350 Lunch included
C.      Sightseeing 2 valleys Nok 200  
D.      Dalsdalen/Dale church Nok 610 Small meal, entrance church included
E.       Jostedal glacier Nok 590 Entrance Dale church included, toll road
F.       Sognefjell /Urnes Nok 765 Possible to buy lunch
G.      Sognefjell mountain road Nok 510 Possible to buy lunch
H.      Romantic road/Urnes Nok 560 Entrance Lerum jam factory included
I.        Culture hour Nok 150 Diploma included
J.        The big 5 – roundtrip Nok 1250 Lunch, ferry, entrance Dale church, diploma

We accept NOK, EURO, GBP, USDOLLAR. No banc, cash only. No ATM machine in Skjolden.

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